• How many The Royal Bears NFTs will be there? - There will be 2529 NFTs in total. ​
  • Will there be any special/unique NFTs? - Yes, there will be four 1/1 Unique NFTs. ​
  • Which blockchain will The Royal Bears be minted in? - The Royal Bears are coming to SOLANA Blockchain.
  • When is the Mint? - We will be Minting in 15th May 16:00 UTC. ​
  • What is the Mint price? - Public 1 SOL, WL - 0.6 SOL
  • Are there any WL? - There are only 200 WL, details to get an WL, are listed on our Discord.
  • How many can I mint per transaction? - You can mint 1 NFT per transaction. ​
  • How many unique/Detailed traits are there? - There are around 130 highly detailed traits.​
  • How can I get involved in the project? - You can get involved in our project by joining our Discord, followings us on all our social medias.
Last modified 9mo ago